Ironing Time Learning Set Review

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Editor's Review

This interactive iron plays songs, silly phrases, and sound effects when kids move the iron back and forth. Join the iron in 10+ learning activities! Count to five or sing along to the alphabet song as you iron the included play clothes. Turn the temperature dial to hear about colors, fabrics, and low, medium, and high heat. The number one is for low heat, perfect for delicate clothes. Now turn up the heat to watch the light change colors and play steam sound effects! Three buttons show kids numbers, colors, and shapes. Press them to hear interactive phrases and questions. Watch the iron light up with the color that it names to help kids learn color vocabulary.

Ironing Time Learning Set

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The iron is very interactive which engages them. Kids will learn shapes, colors, and counting. They’ll even learn about ironing! It’s also small enough to place in a bag for on the go fun!

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