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Editor's Review

Insert Card here is a card elimination style game for 2 to 5 players ages 8 and up, where the first person to discard their entire hand wins. To start, everyone is dealt 7 cards except the dealer, who receives 9. The dealer then selects the lowest and highest card and sets them side by side, with enough space in between to set a third card. These are the discard piles. Set the rest of the cards aside in a draw pile. Going clockwise, each player must place one of their cards in the middle, and can only do so if it’s a number between the left and right discard piles. If you’re first, simply play your card. If second or after, you can choose to move the middle card either to the left or right discard pile, creating a new a new set of parameters for yourself, then get rid of your card in the middle. Play continues until one player manages to discard all of their cards. 


The entire deck is numbered 1 through 99, so any combination of end points is possible. 1, 2, 98, and 99 are wild cards that can be played between any 2 numbers, and any number ending in “0” is a reverse wild, which works the same way, except play then goes counterclockwise, or back to clockwise, depending. Resets happen when you can’t play any legal cards, and the play field must be discarded and reset with newly drawn cards. Since very low or very high numbers are a pain to get rid of, resets are a great chance to unload them. It’s a nice silver lining to the one extra card penalty for needing to reset.


Insert Card Here is a tricky and fun game for competitive players, since you can elect to play it safe and keep the range wide, or put the squeeze on the next player by making the range narrow and forcing a reset. Due to the elegantly simple mechanics, games can start and end pretty quickly, which Winning Moves anticipated, encouraging you to play multiple games to determine the winner. No matter how many games you play, you’ll be treated to super colorful and fun looking cards, subtly color coded by 10s denomination.

Insert Card Here

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Should I get it?

Insert Card Here is easy to learn, making it a great game to bust out at parties. Grab a copy so you can be prepared for your next get-together!


  • The rules are simple and easy to learn.
  • It can be a fast paced and exciting game with big strategic moves.
  • The graphic design is bright and colorful. 


  • Games can end pretty fast, in 10 minutes or less. However, you can elect to play multiple rounds if needed.

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