Indiana Jones Worlds of Adventure Playsets Review

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Editor's Review

The World of Adventure line is similar in proportion and style to the Star Wars Mission Fleet series, having more cartoon-like aesthetics and proportions. The sets we have here are Indiana Jones with Motorcycle and Sidecar, Indy with Adventure Backpack, Indy with horse, Helena Shaw with Motorcycle, and Doctor Jurgen Voller with Plane.


One thing of note is that even with pictures on the back showing the actual size of the toy, you may still be surprised when you open the box and see the size. Perhaps it’s due to how big the illustrations are, but they’re a bit smaller than expected. However, small does not mean uncool, these toys are very fun! As mentioned, they have a simplified, more animated aesthetic. Paired with more antiquated vehicle design, it’s a perfect match. The colors are subtle earthy hues, with chromatic grays, browns and greens across most of the toys, and some pops of bright color in the accessories and some vehicles. One thing these vehicles do very well is roll. The tires have a slightly softer rubbery plastic which makes them feel very good to roll around. Each set comes with a host of accessories which you can use to set scenes and role play. Thankfully, there’s also accessory storage on a lot of these sets! Each included figure has articulation in the head, shoulders and hips, enough to mount their vehicles or wear their gear. Some sets even have missile firing action. All in all, the world of adventure line strikes an excellent balance between action figure and playset, offering a little of both worlds.

Indiana Jones Worlds of Adventure

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Should I get it?

Yes! These toys are perfect for kids who love to play with their toys. The accessories, play features and sturdiness make them ideal toys to take on little everyday adventures.


  • They have a fun and kid friendly aesthetic.
  • They’re well detailed despite the simplified look.
  • They have lots of accessories and accessory storage.
  • The vehicles roll really well. 


  • The packaging seems big for the toy, which might lead you to believe they’re bigger than they are. Check the backs of the boxes for the actual size.

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