Indiana Jones Whip-Action Indy Figure & Action-crackin’ Whip Review

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Editor's Review

Starting off, let’s show off Whip Action Indy! He stands 12” tall and is made entirely of hard plastic, excluding of course, his trusty whip, which is a soft, flexible rubber. For a figure of this style, it has a very nice level of detail. The jacket and hat have realistic textures on the surface, and the likeness is decently close to Harrison Ford thanks to the nice molding, and just enough paint. The figure has articulation at the head, shoulders, right elbow, wrists, and waist. The head, shoulders and wrist poseability is static, while everything else is in service to the whip cracking mechanic. Push down on his satchel in the back to have the figure whip, and either make a whipping sound effect, or say one of several lines from the movies. The voice lines are clear and crisp, even with quotes said under his breath. At times it can look as if Indy is attacking himself, but it’s a small price to pay for this very neat gimmick. The legs unfortunately have the stiffest articulation, in that they have none.


Next up we have the Action-crackin’ Whip, a roleplay style of toy. The handle is made of firm, well-detailed plastic, and the whip itself has an inner mechanism with a fabric outer casing. Sharply printed detailing on the fabric helps sell the look, as do the frayed tassels at the end. There’s no paint here, but that’s fine, as you’ll be handling this a lot. Do a whipping motion with your arm to extend the whip. Watch as it unfurls and makes a cracking sound, all manually, with no need for batteries. The all-manual execution is a really neat idea, but the toy almost looks designed for an electronic sound feature, which would have added even more immersion. Even so, thanks to the light weight, this toy is very fun and addicting to play with. Just make sure you don’t hit yourself as it comes back! Even if you do, it’s very gentle and doesn’t hurt at all. A quirk of the toy is that it only works properly with the coil facing toward you at the start, otherwise, gravity isn’t doing it any favors.

Whip-Action Indy Figure & Action Crackin' Whip

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Should I get it?

Both toys will excite any young fan of Indiana Jones. Both offer different experiences. If your child is into acting out their favorite heroes, try the Action-crackin’ whip. If they’re big into iconography and representational toys, then Whip Action Indy will potentially be a better fit.


  • The level of detail is respectable for mass market toys, including sculpt, paint and printed detail.
  • Whip Action Indy includes articulation and crisp official voice lines.
  • The Action-crackin’ whip is lightweight and fun to handle.


  • Whip-Action Indy’s articulation is less robust than it may initially seem.
  • Occasionally, he can whip himself more than the bad guys.
  • The Action crackin’ Whip seems perfectly molded to house a sound effect feature, and yet said feature is absent.

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