Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark 2023 Kenner Figures Review

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Editor's Review

These five Raiders of the Lost Ark figures are very closely inspired by the 1980’s Kenner toys, right down to the packaging and Kenner logo. The design of the card is spot on, with charmingly dated graphic design. The age says 4+, but let’s be real, these figures are for kids at heart. The nostalgia is palpable. In this wave is Indy, Marion, Toht, Belloq, and the German Mechanic. It might be a bit sacrilegious, but we’re opening these to give you the full scoop.

Breaking these out of the package, the first thing that strikes us is the loose accuracy to the source material. This figure looks like less of an Indiana Jones and more like an “Iowa Johnson”. In all fairness, this is accurate to toy technology of the period, no one is going to hunt these down for their 1:1 screen accuracy, that’s not what they’re going for. It’s part of the charm.

There is articulation at the head, shoulder, hips and knees. The cut on the hips is very odd, so Indy can perform his best bow-legged cowboy stance. Appropriate, as he also has quickdraw action in his right arm! He comes with a firearm and his whip, which holds much better in the left hand than the right. Details and articulation mostly match across the board, but accessories do vary. Toht includes a forearm, a soft plastic coat, as well as his iconic burn scar on his hand. Marion has a lovely soft goods dress, as well as a monkey, while German Mechanic includes a wrench, because what more do you need to beat up college professors who moonlight as treasure hunters? The best showing by far comes from Belloq, who has a full cloth robe, medallion necklace, and staff.

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Should I get it?

We highly recommend these for 3.75″ on-card retro collectors. These look just like the toys you remember and love!

For parents simply looking for toys for their kids in 2023, it’s a gamble whether they’ll be impressed with the dated poseability and level of detail. Perhaps explore Hasbro’s Adventure series 6″ Indiana Jones line as a competing option.


  • They’re ideal for on-card collectors in nearly every way.
  • The packaging looks perfectly retro.
  • You can admire the figures from nearly all angles within the plastic.
  • They all include accessories if you do decide to open them.


  • The archaic articulation and not very precisely executed details, both of which are only partial demerits, since these are designed to be that way. We’re not trying to be too unfair here!
  • Some accessories don’t hold well in the hands.

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