Indiana Jones Adventure Series Raiders of the Lost Ark Figures and Staff of Ra Headpiece Review

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Editor's Review

There are 5 figures we have for consideration, including Indy, Sallah, Belloq, Toht and Marion. Cracking these figures open, the first thing that’ll strike you is the level of detail. These figures are comparable in detail and paint to the MCU Marvel Legends line, also by Hasbro. Since these are based on a live action movie property, that’s to be expected. The molded detail is very fine, simulating the level of detail you see on screen, and there’s a nice amount of paint detailing, such as the leather fading on Indy’s jacket, the scruff on his face, and Belloq’s generally very detailed ensemble. The likenesses are also pretty darn good, resembling the actors to a decent degree. Articulation is robust as one would expect, including poseability in the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, ankles and rotation at the biceps and thighs. Some figures have obscured articulation like Belloq and Sallah, thanks to their robes, and Toht’s suit is doing him no favors in this department. Thankfully, there are a good amount of accessories for each figure  to help further bring them to life. Indy has the most by far, including 2 alternate pairs of hands, a rolled up whip, a loosed whip, and a sidearm. You can store the sidearm and whip on his waist with plug in straps, but be prepared to be trying to close them up securely for a while. Marion includes a large pan and lightly articulated Monkey, Belloq includes his staff, Sallah has a shovel and rope, and Toht includes his coat, an alternate ungloved hand, a sidearm, and an alternate head from his famous scene, to help you not get any sleep whatsoever. Each figure also includes pieces to build the ark of the covenant, but you need to collect all 5 to get all the pieces. It does look quite nice once built though! 


The Staff of Ra Headpiece is a mostly static display object, consisting of the staff portion and the base. The staff has a great amount of molded detail, which is further highlighted by the rust colored wash they put over the rich gold. The base has a middling amount of detail, and a minimum of paint, which is noticeable, but isn’t all that bad. It allows the staff piece to take center stage! There are 4 display ports to place the staff in, but assuming you have installed 2 AA batteries if your own, the middle port allows the staff to light up through the translucent orange plastic elements.

Indiana Jones Hasbro 780 x 780 (1)

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Should I get it?

If you enjoy Marvel Legends figures, especially MCU ones, then you will definitely enjoy these! All the detail, accessories and articulation you’d expect is here.


  • The level of molded detail is high, as is the paintwork.
  • Articulation is quite robust, broadly speaking.
  • The Staff of Ra includes a light up feature and display base. 


  • The limited articulation of some of the figures due to their clothes.
  • The difficulty of working with Indy’s belt feature.
  • The base of the Staff of Ra having minimal paint.

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