Imaginext Jurassic World Dominion Mega Stomp & Rumble Giga Dino Review

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Editor's Review

This toy needs a little assembly out of the box, but it’s very easy. Thankfully, you can play right after assembly, since the 3 C batteries necessary for the light and sound features are included and installed. Just make sure to switch the toy on. The Giga Dino herself has excellent sculpted detail, with wrinkles and bumps on her scaly hide, plus very simple and clean paintwork to show off her skin patterns. Even on such a massive toy, the detail work is fine and very impressive. Roll the dozer forward to make the Giga Dino walk forward, and make stomping noises. Her eyes will also glow very brightly for a far more frightening look. Put the included Owen figure in the driver’s seat for pretend play, or on the pressure pad in the back to unhook the chain from the lock and set her free! Use the handle on the collar or her tail to activate roaring sounds and vibrations. With so many play features, moving parts and electronic sounds, this toy has endless play potential for kiddos who’ve always wanted a pet dinosaur.

Imaginext Jurassic World Dominion Mega Stomp & Rumble Giga Dino

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This Giga Dino toy is so full of sounds, movement, and gimmicks, that any young kiddo will have tons of fun while playing!

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