Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman and The Joker Battling Robots Review

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Editor's Review

Play out a battle between Batman and The Joker with the Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Battling Robot and The Joker Battling Robot. Each one is sold separately, but when you get them together, let the battle begin. Each set comes with a robot and an Imaginext figure that can ride in the robot’s cockpit. With the figure in the cockpit, press down on the top Imaginext button to light up the translucent pieces of their outfits. Batman’s robot has a second Imaginext button on his right arm that launches a projectile, while the left arm features chopping action. The Joker’s robot has an Imaginext button on its left arm for launching the boxing glove. Insert the hammer into the other arm for hammer-swinging action.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman and The Joker Battling Robots

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Batman fans will really like the fun action features of both action figures. We like that each figure comes with an accessory and has a light-up feature. Those elements add to the creative play. Even if you only have one of these figures, it can still be used in all sorts of imaginative action-packed stories with your other toys.

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