Imaginext DC Super Friends Bat-Tech Batbot Review

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Editor's Review

Suit up with the newest in Batman’s tech arsenal, the Imaginext DC Super Friends Bat-Tech Batbot. It can go from robot mode to flight mode and it plays more than 100 sounds and phrases. The playset also comes with a Batman Imaginext figure.

In Robot Mode, kids press the chest button for sounds, phrases, and lights. And when kids squeeze the trigger in the back, the Batbot’s arms will raise up while lights and sounds play. Push the arms down to lower. Each arm has a projectile launcher that blasts a plastic projectile with the push of a button. Four projectiles are included. These launchers can be removed and inserted on the base of the Batbot. Open up the cockpit door to place Batman behind the wheel.

Or turn Batman on the Power Pad to engage Flight mode. The Batbot will lean forward, and kids can squeeze the trigger to raise its arms. When kids hold the trigger’s lever, they can easily roll the Batbot around. In this mode, kids can also launch the projectile disks by loading up the launcher and squeezing the trigger. Three disks are included.

The Batbot also has opening and closing hands for grabbing the bad guys, as well as an opening door for what could be a bad guy jail at the bottom.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Bat-Tech Batbot

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Young Batman fans will like the look of this toy and it’s cool transforming feature. The lights, sounds, and phrases bring the character to life, and the movement and projectile launchers let kids play out villain-fighting action.

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