I’m a Poet (and yes, I know it) Review

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Editor's Review

I’m a Poet and Yes I know it is a silly game for silly word enjoyers. You earn cards by correctly guessing the answer to rhyming riddles, read aloud. To set up, place the bust of Dear Willy Shakes, the Bard himself, into the middle of the play area. Select a player to be the reader for the first round, give them the box of cards and blue and gold die. The reader rolls the die, and the roll will determine what color of riddle they read from the drawn card. The reader then reads the first clue aloud, with the other players repeating it. This clue will be a rhymed version of what the riddle’s answer is. It’s best to pause so as to let anyone who wishes, guess the answer. If no one guesses, the reader orates the 2nd clue. If someone has a guess, they must be the first to grab the Willy Shakes bust in the middle of the play area and take a crack at it. If they’re correct, they receive that card. If they’re wrong, the reader gets the card. Each card back has a piece of the portrait of Willy Shakes. Complete a full portrait to win!

This game is a lot of goofy fun. It’s super simple to understand, and thus it’s great to break out impromptu at a social gathering. There’s also quite a few cards included, each with two riddles, so the game will stay fresh for a good long while. The only downside we can foresee, is that once a riddle is learned, it might not be easily forgotten, giving repeat players a significant edge over newcomers. Either way, it’s a fun time for imaginative folks with a sense of humor.

I'm a Poet and Yes I know it

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Should I get it?

Yes! Assuming you and your friends have a silly streak, this game will be an excellent addition to your game shelf.


  • It’s a super easy game to learn.
  • It’s quite funny.
  • There are lots of card included, each with 2 riddles, so the game will stay fresh for a long while. 


  • Repeat players will have a big advantage, having heard the riddles before.

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