iLY Face & Trace Makeup Tutorial Station Review

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Editor's Review

This set includes the face and trace tutorial station, six design templates, six practice pages, two flavored lip glosses, two shimmer eye shadows, two shimmer blushes, eye shadow brush, lip gloss brush, blush brush, and instructions.

To start, have your child use the practice pages. Using the cosmetics brushes, they should practice applying the included makeup to the page before applying to their skin. Next, when they’re ready to start applying to their skin, simply take out one of the makeup design templates and slide the template in front of the mirror. Looking into the mirror, match up their features with the design template. Make sure their lip, nose, and eyes are closely aligned. Finally, they can start to follow the design pattern to put on the makeup using the provided colors of their choosing!

The whole kit closes up and stores neatly for on-the-go fun.

iLY Face & Trace Makeup Tutorial Station

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Should I get it?

Yes! Thanks to the easy-to-follow steps, kids will have fun practicing their makeup skills. Some of the colors aren’t too pigmented, so it’s great for beginners.

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