Ice Hopper Skip and Hop & Jump Ropes Review

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Editor's Review

Firstly, the Kess Ice Hopper is so pretty and filled with glitter! While kids are having fun they’ll also be strengthening their coordination and balance. The Ice Hopper looks simple but watch your kids’ competitive streak come out as they see how many jumps they can do and try to break records. They’ll be burning energy and getting outside.

Then here we have two jump ropes! First is the Squishy Cuties jump rope! The jump rope handles are really cute ice cream cones! They’re made of squishy foam and its pretty easy to hold onto! The rope is bright and colorful which is a nice addition for kids.

And here is the Light Up Jump Rope! This is a solid color plastic rope with contrasting handles in vibrant colors! The excitement is taken up a notch with lights throughout the rope that add some twinkle to all the fun!

Ice Hopper Skip and Hop & Jump Ropes

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The rope is flexible just like the original. It’s also lightweight and portable making it great for trips to the park!

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