I Love Art Jr. Paper Pad, Finger Paints, and Chunky Brushes Review

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Editor's Review

This creative bundle includes 6 vivid colors of Super-Washable Finger Paint, 4 easy-to-hold Chunky Brushes and a 11” x 17” Jumbo Finger Paint Paper Pad with 25 glossy pages. You also get a Caregivers’ Guide with project prompts to spark creativity. The classic, tactile art activity brings joy for kids, and the washability makes it worry-free for adults. Easy to clean off surfaces with soap and water with no staining! It’s a win-win, wouldn’t you say? And as always, iHeartArt donates 5% of proceeds to Art Feeds, that supplies art lessons, training and art materials to kids in need.

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Should I get it?

This is ideal for kids ages 3 and up!


  • The paint is washable and doesn’t stain
  • 6 colors are included
  • A guide is included and
  • It’s a great way to spark imagination


As you know when it comes to paint make sure to cover your working area. 

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