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Editor's Review

Babywearing is a great way to bond with your baby, while also keeping your hands free to do other things. But when you’re babywearing, you want you and your baby to be comfortable. That’s where the Huggs Baby Carrier comes in. 

While the manufacturer website shows six ways to wear this, the instructions only show four ways, so those will be what this review focuses on. You can use this inward-facing for ages 3 months and up, outward-facing for ages 6 months and up, on your back from ages 6 months and up, and in hip-carrying mode from birth and up. In all modes, this uses a patented hip seat to keep your baby in a healthy sitting position. 

The padded shoulder straps and waistband evenly distribute your baby’s weight, alleviating pressure on your back and shoulders. This also keeps you in a healthy posture. 

For additional comfort, the baby carrier has a dual-layer breathable center panel that folds down to expose 3D mesh. Keep the panel up in cold weather and fold it down in warm weather for temperature control. If baby falls asleep or is nursing, use the sleeping hood to provide support and privacy, while also shielding the baby from the sun and wind. 

The shoulder straps also feature removable teething pads, and there is a storage pocket on the front for holding a cell phone, keys, or other small item you need to take with you.

This baby carrier is only for children between 12 and 45 pounds. 

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With at least four ways to wear it, the Huggs Baby Carrier offers versatility for parents as their baby grows. The padded waist and shoulder straps are very comfortable, and the storage pocket adds convenience. The hip seat keeps your baby secure and in a healthy sitting position, while the cover and mesh panel keep baby comfortable no matter the weather.

The one thing we’re not fond of is that after you’ve got your baby in the carrier with the shoulder straps on, you’ve then got to reach behind you to buckle up the carrier. That’s always a little tricky to do while also keeping a wiggly baby secure.


Four ways to wear 
Comfortable for parents
Keeps baby in a healthy sitting position
Promotes bonding while keeping a parent’s hands free


Backward buckle

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