Hot Wheels The Super Mario Bros Movie Jungle Kingdom Raceway Review

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Editor's Review

The Jungle Kingdom Raceway Set Is very simple to put together, and looks nice once completed. The color scheme is warm, with the green, pale yellows and oranges reminiscent of the Donkey Kong games’ vibrant world. The golden monkey relief especially looks like it’s taken right out of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Lastly, the molded details and clear blue piece for the waterfall are the finishing touches that make this track look fresh. We do wonder, based on how nice the molded detail is, what a teeny bit more paint would have done for the set. Of course, that’s just us being picky.

Speaking of good looking toys, check out the included Mario Kart Hot Wheels car! The base of the kart is made of die-cast metal, just as a Hot Wheels car should be, and the sculpt and paint are just perfect. The object of the course is to get Mario through the loop and across the waterfall ravine to safety. As any Mario Kart fan will tell you, in order to get a sudden burst of speed, you need a mushroom. Thankfully, the slamming lever looks the part! Don’t be shy and smack the lever to get Mario going. After a few tries, you’ll get a good idea of the amount of force necessary. Too low and he’ll tumble down the falls, too much and he’ll fly off the track. Our favorite part is that if you clear the jump, Mario cruises down the rest of the track, and automatically backs up into position to try again. It’s like a little reward!

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Should I get it?

A young fan of Mario and Hot Wheels will really dig this track, especially hot on the heels of seeing the movie. The kart alone is well worth picking the track up, and the track itself is satisfying to play with.


  • The color distribution makes the track look fun and enticing.
  • The sculpt is unmistakably a celebration of DK’s world.
  • The manual launcher works very well, and Mario automatically loads back into position.
  • The Mario Hot Wheels Kart is gorgeous!


  • The track’s sculpt looks so amazing, we wish it had more paint or other set pieces to help bring out the details even more.

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