Hot Wheels Skate Tony Hawk Taco Truck Review

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Editor's Review

We really enjoyed the Skate line of toys when it launched last year, and we’re pleased to report that the taco truck continues the trend or excellence! The blue, orange and gray truck is adorned with a few stickers here and there to give it a grungy and cartoony aesthetic. There are some unpainted or unstickered details, but you’ll be skating all over it, so it’s not too big a deal. The set comes with a skateboard and a pair of shoes with removable soles, which feature the same slide-on mechanic as previous sets. The truck can roll smoothly on its tires, but if you flip down the stopper under the front bumper, you can make the truck hold in place with rubber stoppers for skate park mode. Open the back door, reverse it, and add the brown ramp to create a quarter pipe. Unlatch the orange pipe from the top and lay it down and at an angle to create a grinding rail. You also get a picnic bench and a set of bike/ skateboard rails to set up however you like. Using this configuration you can practice quarter pipe tricks, grinding and jumps. The inside of the truck is hollow, so clean up is as easy as packing everything inside and carrying the truck off by the taco handle. There are also clips which allow you to store up to 6 skateboards on the outside!

Hot Wheels Tony Hawk Taco Truck 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This is a great expansion set if you already have some of the Hot Wheels Skate branded toys. The taco truck pairs well with past sets, and even includes storage for boards you may already own. However, the included shoes and skateboard make this an excellent purchase for kids new to the line as well.


  • Its’ a fully functioning truck, as well as a skatepark.
  • It has rubber stoppers to keep landmarks in place while skating.
  • There are multiple types of obstacles to practice on. 


  • Some molded details don’t any have paint or strikers to help bring them out.

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