Hot Wheels Skate Octopark Skate Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Octopark is quite possibly the largest Hot Wheels Skate set we’ve ever gotten, with the only contender being the Amusement Park set. It’s shaped like a semicircle, with various different obstacles and tricking opportunities throughout. Brightly colored and vibrant, it’s basically color coded based on what each section is meant for. The purple octopus area is ideal for quarter pipe jumps and drops, the brown wooden steps make for a nice area to practice stalls and ollies, the orange rails beckon to be ground upon with their very loud orange, and the blue shark? Well, it’s just here for a bite! Press on its head to activate the shark chomp and octopus tentacle wiggle. Its spring-activated nature makes it ideal to get a jumping start on a trick. The semi-enclosed shape makes it easy to chain tricks together and move back and forth seamlessly. Also making it easy are the included shoe attachments for your fingers, and of course, the special skateboard. You can use the shoes to get your sea legs, and graduate to fingers only with time.

If you have multiple other Hot Wheels Skateboards, sold separately, you can store them on the racks behind the octoramp. Within this one super varied, eclectic set is everything you need to become a finger skating professional.

Tony Hawk Skate Octopark

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Should I get it?

If there were any Hot Wheels Skate set to get, it’s this one. You can practice any finger skating trick under the sun, and even store your extra boards and shoes. Whether you’re a newbie or a certified collector, there is something in this set for you!


  • The bright and whimsical presentation is charming.
  • The colors subtly delineate functions of the set.
  • It includes a board and pair shoes.
  • The tricks it allows you to practice are numerous and varied.
  • It also has extra board and shoe storage.


  • None!

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