Hot Wheels RacerVerse Assortment (Fall 2023) Review

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Editor's Review

The RacerVerse line of Hot Wheels made its big debut earlier this year, and our opinion, it has breathed all new life into the prestigious toy line. The classic fun of Hot Wheels is now mixed with recognizable faces from some of your favorite movies, shows, or comics. For review today we have Star Wars’ Chewbacca and Grogu, Disney’s Captain Hook, Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear, and Marvel’s Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man.

RacerVerse cars have a more cartoonish visual style, unlike other Hot Wheels cars, which, even with fun and outlandish designs, maintain naturalistic car proportions. This extends to the upper body sculpt of the driver, which is a cute and expressive portrait of the character. The exaggerated proportions allow for some striking and unique sculpting on each character’s car. Captain Hook has a very unique galleon car, while Chewbacca drives a car version of the Millennium Falcon. These super unique chassis are our favorite, but even the more classic car bodies have cool and specific details which reference the driver. Black Panther’s car has Wakandan patterns all over, and Spider-Man, well, no one is going to mistake this red and blue web-patterned car as belonging to anyone else! The sculpts are excellent, and the paint is too. The paint is so precise on both the cars and the character’s faces, it looks machine printed. Inspecting the faces closely, there are virtually no errors, and where there are, (such as a slight overlapping on our Spider-man’s eye) they are super minor. And naturally, the RacerVerse cars are partially made of die cast metal, to give them that telltale Hot Wheels heft. They roll as smoothly as any Hot Wheel too!


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RacerVerse cars are a fun and exciting new way to collect Hot Wheels. With such loving accuracy in the paint and sculpts, this new Hot Wheels line is well worth your time!


  • The sculpts are sharp and whimsical.
  • The paint is well applied.
  • They retain the play value of classic Hot Wheels.
  • The character drivers are a very inspired and natural addition to the Hot Wheels brand. 


  • No serious ones. There may be some extremely minor and infrequent paint imperfections, but thanks to the clear packaging, you can inspect your car before buying.

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