Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Wreckin’ Raceway Track Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Wreckin Raceway needs a little assembly out of the box, but it’s very easy. You also get a sticker skeet to add in some key details. Once done, you’ll have the entire racecourse, an announcer guy miniature, and two monster trucks, namely, Bigfoot and Gunkster. Both trucks are packed with painted detail, and have sturdy metal components. 


First place both trucks on the launchpad and lift it up to start the race. The trucks will have to go through the car graveyard. Whoever gets to their bump first will push theirs down and raise the other side, slowing the opponent down. Next, they’ll break through the fence and skirt danger through the gator infested everglade. This pressure point activates a random gator every three presses, and said reptile will stop the truck in its tracks. Lastly, there is a bottleneck, and the first one in raises the ramp, launches the poor announcer guy, and cracks the Skull Cave open to win the trophy. Occasionally the two trucks can block each other from progressing, necessitating you start over. They can also get caught on the terrain and come to a halt. However, setting back up is simple and easy. To make the Wreckin Raceway easier to store, remove the supports and connect them sideways to the back.

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Track

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Should I get it?

This is fun set to get whether you’re new to collecting Hot Wheels monster trucks, or a pro with a bunch in your collection. Repeat races are quick and easy to set up.


  • It has easy assembly and nice decor.
  • It comes with two Hot wheels monster trucks.
  • It can be disassembled and placed in a storage mode.


  • Sometimes the monster trucks get caught on the track.

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