Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Rhinomite Chargin’ Challenge Review

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Editor's Review

The Rhinomite Chargin’ Challenge Playset requires a small bit of assembly out of the box, which at first blush seems simple, but don’t get too complacent. The tire portion of the set is deceptively tricky to hook in just right, or rather, it can be easy to set it up incorrectly, surprisingly. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit. Once done, you’ll have the track and ramp, complete with a breakaway set of bleachers and the crane with a giant tire attached.There’s also a flip up target barrier to blast through. Roll the included Rhinomite monster truck (which has wonderfully cool paint and sculpting by the way) as hard as you can towards the track, and see how far you can get. We couldn’t manage to knock down the barrier, break open the bleachers and hit the trophy all in one push. It might be possible, who knows, we might just have puny internet reviewer arms. If you don’t hit the trophy just right, the tire will fall forward and crush the Rhinomite. But if you do get the trophy, the tire will bust open! Or, it should. We initially had it set up in a way where the tire wouldn’t open. That is, until we fudged with it a bit. Now it opens a bit too easily. Its all good though, if you have some spare Hot Wheels cars (sold separately), you can populate the bleacher seats and fill up the tire to make the destruction even greater when you charge. One last bonus, there are connector facets to combine it with other Hot Wheels Monster Trucks sets.

rhinomite chargin challenge

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In terms of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks sets, it’s a little on the plain side, but when you hit the trophy and break it open, spilling out cars, we admit, it’s very satisfying. Pick this up if you already own a nice Hot Wheels collection, be it classic or monster trucks.


  • It comes with a great looking and unique Hot Wheels Monster Truck so you can start playing immediately.
  • It allows for sold separate hot wheels to be added for even more ostentatious play.
  • It has connector edges to add to your existing Monster Trucks tracks. 


  • With extended play, it might become too easy to bust open.

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