Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers Bone Shaker Ultimate Crush Yard Review

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Editor's Review

Aside from a few stickers to place, you’ll be ready to play in no time flat. The Ultimate Crush Yard is filled with bright, punchy colors, and highly packed with minute detail. The tire treads and the detritus of demolished cars adorn the ground and mountain respectively. The set is largely paint-bare, but the color separation is good enough to achieve an appealing design anyway. There are 10 slots for placing normal sized hot wheels cars (sold separately) which accentuate the display, and hype up the play. Also, there are 3 ruined car setpieces to plug and play where you wish at any available peg. Use the included and well detailed Monster Truck Bone Shaker to barrel your way across the playset, pressing down the pressure plate as you do. This will jostle the display ramps and knock all the cars over in a chaotic tumble. The buzz saw and hammer will jostle as you drive along the ground. Put the tower cars in their place by jamming down on the pile of cars and knocking the tower over. Simply press the central button to extend the mountain once more. This cycle of destruction and reconstruction is super addicting! The smooth floating axles of the monster truck ensure that no obstacle will impede your playtime. As a cherry on top, this set can be combined with other Arena Smashers Hot Wheels sets via the connector points.

Hot Wheels Arena Smashers Monster Truck 780 x 780

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This playset has a lot going for it in terms of kinetic play. The shaking ground, as well as the telescoping central car mountain are both very appealing and unique tactile experiences. We definitely recommend this toy for young monster truck fans who play hard!


  • The tumbling and jostling mechanic of the entire set is very unique.
  • Crushing and extending the mountain is super satisfying.
  • The arena is customizable with the crushed car pieces.
  • The included Bone Shaker monster truck is cool as all heck.


  • A general lack of paint.

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