Hot Wheels Jurassic World Dominion Clash ‘N Crash Track Set Review

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Editor's Review

Some minor assembly is required for this toy, but it’s quite simple even by Hot Wheels standards. The molded set pieces are detailed, if not paint-bare. However, there is plenty of paint on the main events of this track. The Giganotosaurus has an impeccable mold and fine paintwork on the eyes, back stripes, and teeth. There’s a smaller little guy too that has a hinged piece of foliage and just the right amount of paint. Included with this track is a special souped-up Jurassic Park patrol vehicle that looks like it can take some damage. That’s good, because it’s about to!

Install two D batteries to get started. Flip on the booster and send the car flying! The car moves at a comfortable speed, less breakneck than with other tracks. It’s all so you can get the timing for this next part right. Control the Giganotosaurus by the tail and chomp on the car when it comes around the turn. This will also damage the overpass, so if the car doesn’t get the teeth, it’ll go for a tumble instead. Jurassic Park Minis, also from Mattel, and sold separately, can be posed to further set the atmosphere. Lastly, there is a connection port compatible with other Hot Wheels tracks, also sold separately.

Hot Wheels Jurassic World Dominion Clash 'N Crash Track Set

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Should I get it?

This is a nice starter track for young kids who have just aged up into Hot Wheels. The simpler track, slower speed, and play features are a good fit.


  • It’s solid and easy to build.
  • The car and dinos have great paint and detail.
  • The car speed is a bit slower so, this a great set for younger Hot Wheels initiates.
  • The Gigantosaurus is super fun to play with, that chomp feature is addicting.


  • Very simple color scheme of the track base parts.
  • Batteries aren’t included.

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