Hot Wheels City vs. Toxic Creatures Toxic Gorilla Slam Review

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Editor's Review

In the Toxic Gorilla Slam playset from Hot Wheels City vs. Toxic Creatures, you must defeat the Toxic Gorilla to win.

This playset comes with an adjustable launcher with three stunt options to defeat the gorilla. You pick which way to launch and knock down the gorilla. The left and right launching options offer fun loops and stunts to launch, or choose the center launch to take aim at Toxic Gorilla. All you have to do is slam to launch your Hot Wheels car that comes with this set.

If you miss, and get swallowed by the gorilla, he will change color and burp. You defeat the Gorilla by launching a Hot Wheels car at his head and knocking him down. Once he collapses, he will turn blue.

You also have a make believe Hot Wheels gas station to fill your car with gas.

Hot Wheels City vs. Toxic Creatures Toxic Gorilla Slam

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Should I get it?

Yes! Kids will enjoy the different launches and options with each launch. Who wouldn’t want to send a Hot Wheels car flying at a gorilla?!

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