Hot Wheels City Ultimate T-Rex Transporter Review

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Editor's Review

When you need something strong to haul your cars, you need a dinosaur. And that’s what the Hot Wheels City Ultimate T-Rex Transporter gives Hot Wheels fans. This two-in-one vehicle goes from hauler to T-Rex when you lower the tail. It even lights up with sound effects. Three AAA batteries are included for that. 

In hauler mode, this vehicle can store more than 20 1:64 diecast cars. Two cars are included. But you don’t just put the cars into the hauler. This still has a dinosaur mouth that will devour the cars as you roll the hauler over them.

When transformed into a T-Rex, take those cars and race them down the back of the dinosaur’s two-lane racetrack. The winner escapes while the loser gets “pooped” out. You can even launch cars from the dinosaur’s mouth so it looks like it’s spitting them out. 

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This car hauler has a really cool look that will appeal to Hot Wheels fans who also like dinosaurs. There are so many fun features in each mode, from the car eating to the car racing. And the lights and sounds bring the T-Rex to life, inspiring imaginative play.


2 modes
Plays sounds and lights up
Comes with 2 cars
20-car capacity
Doubles as a racetrack
Inspires imaginative play



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