Hot Wheels City T-Rex Chomp Down Review

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Editor's Review

The T-Rex Chomp Down is quite simple to assemble, so you’ll be playing in minutes. The molded detail is excellent, with the T-Rex’s hide being covered in bumps, wrinkles and ridges. The color distribution is decent, and we actually think the simplicity works well here; that way the focal point is on the bright blue beast. This track is another instance of the manual booster system, having a lever that you smack to launch your car. In lieu of batteries and a booster, you just need to give it a good slap. The set also includes a rescue vehicle, well painted in red, white, and blue. 


The T-Rex Chomp Down looks simple, but is actually a lot of fun, and more complex than you may assume. Try to get the rescue vehicle all the way to the very end to defeat the T-Rex. Undershoot, and the car will fall to the wayside, but go the distance, and through a humorous series of seesaw movements, the T-Rex will be bonked by the track dislodging. You can even see the dinosaur’s eyes switch from a fierce gaze to being knocked out cold. We love this! It’s funny in a slapstick cartoon kind of way, and the best part is, you can heal the dino yourself. Setting back up is as easy as plugging the track back in. Now the T-Rex is ready for another go. When playtime is over, fold at the hinges to compass the track and make storage a bit easier.

T Rex Chomp Down Hot Wheels 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Absolutely! Not only is is a budget-friendly Hot Wheels track, it’s mechanically complex for what it is. It’s one of those activities that never gets old, and is very amusing.


  • The manual operated launcher is fun to hit.
  • The track is really fun and humorous to operate.
  • It includes a well detailed Hot Wheels car.
  • Setting back up is super easy.
  • It folds up for easier storage.


  • A relative lack of paint apps and stickers (but honestly, it kind of works on this track.)

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