Hot Wheels City Attacking Shark Escape Track Set Review

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Editor's Review

Assembly out of the box isn’t bad at all, but do pay close attention. Some sections need to sit in a very specific position to work properly, such as the ramp near the second switch. This track does a great job of being very complex, but simple to operate.


Take the included white and orange car, and place it on the elevator, ride up to the top to begin the challenge. Press button number one and cross your fingers. If you’re lucky, you’ll drive down unharmed. If not, the spring-loaded shark extends up, breaking through the entire track, instantly making you fish food!  Don’t worry though, your car will drop down at the bottom. This feature is so cool and well executed!  Station two will either drop the ramp down harmlessly, or block your path with the shark, and station three is your final obstacle, as you either ride along the shark’s snout, or into its gullet. If you pass all three stations, you’ll pass the finish line and trap the shark, letting you take victory laps as much as you want. Pull the cage back down to bring on the danger once more. If you have some other Hot Wheels cars, you can store them in several places on this track. Plus, you can use Hot Wheels City track expansion packs (sold separately) to build off of the connection points.

Attacking Shark Escape Hot Wheels

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Should I get it?

This set is pure Hot Wheels fun. It’s a game and a track all in one. We highly recommend it!


  • Set up is fairly easy.
  • The shark gimmick is exciting and easy to reset.
  • You can store several cars on the track.
  • You have the option to use it as a regular track if you want by locking up the shark.
  • The track can also be connected to other City track pieces and sets.


  • None!

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