Hot Wheels Action Spiral Speed Crash Track Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Action Spiral Speed Crash Track, much like its Hot Wheels track ancestors, is a joy to assemble. It’s very easy, and every piece snaps together with a satisfying click. The Action Spiral Speed Crash Track is about 29 inches high and wide, so while it is super epic, it’ll take up a decent amount of space. So long as you hold the track by the sturdiest areas, those being the motor base and the blue strut, it’ll hold together very solidly if and when you wish to move it.

Before you do anything else, scrounge up 4 D batteries to install in this beastly track. Switch the motor on and get your cars ready. Included with this track is an awesome and very unique translucent pink car. It’s also the perfect weight to work with the Action Spiral Speed Track; it races through laps as smooth as can be. Of course, you can add even more cars to the race, and every additional car raises the chance of a crash exponentially! Keep your eyes on the crash points and surely you’ll witness something spectacular before long. Once in a while a car will trip up at the peak of the main ramp, which is a shame. We notice that lighter weight Hot Wheels cars work best on this particular track.

Hot Wheels Action Spiral Speed Crash Track Set

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Should I get it?

This is an excellent track for both races and crashes. Easy assembly is great for parents, and the mesmerizing track is perfect for kids.


  • It’s light and easy to assemble, yet sturdy.
  • Its looks are fun and colorful.
  • It can hold several cars on the track at once.
  • There are plenty of crashing opportunities.


  • Lack of included batteries.
  • The rare instances of the booster not quite getting the car all the way up the ramp. This happens very infrequently, but it’s still something to note.

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