Hot Dots Preschool Card Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Make learning fun with an interactive pen that lights up and plays sounds! That’s what each Hot Dots Preschool Card Set comes with – a battery-operated pen that helps kids ages 3 and up develop and practice key skills anywhere. There are three Preschool Card Sets to choose from: Numbers & Counting, The Alphabet, and Beginning Phonics. Each comes with 36 double-sided activity cards. The sets all work in the same way.

Power on the pen and pick one of the cards. A card from the Numbers & Counting Set might ask kids to choose which number comes before or after a given number. To make a selection, touch the center of the dot with the tip of the pen. If the answer is right, the pen lights up green and plays a rewarding sound. If the answer is wrong, the pen lights up red and makes a different sound effect.

While Numbers & Counting is about helping preschoolers identify numbers and practice counting, The Alphabet set is about identifying lowercase and uppercase letters, and Beginning Phonics helps with rhyming words and beginning and ending sounds.

The pen has three levels of volume: low, high, and no sound. You can use the pens across card sets. Each pen requires two AAA batteries, which are not included.

Everything stores nicely inside the carry box for easy cleanup and on-the-go play.

Hot Dots Preschool Card Sets

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What’s important to note about these sets is the instant visual feedback letting kids know whether their answer is right or wrong and the gentle redirection for incorrect answers. We also like that this is an activity kids can do independently, with lots of cards to choose from. This is also an activity that is easy to take with you when you go out to eat, are waiting at the doctor’s office, or need to keep kids entertained in the car.


  • Pens have lights and sounds
  • Gives instant visual feedback and gentle redirection
  • Each has 36 cards and 72 activities
  • Independent play
  • Easy to take on the go


  • Batteries are not included

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