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Editor's Review

It’s a log-switching, nut-finding, cheek-stuffing game sure to get some laughs out of anyone. Hide the nuts, shuffle the logs, gather the acorns, and watch your chipmunk cheeks grow. Hide ‘n Cheek brings home the feel of the forest in this nutty game of hunting and hoarding fun!

To play, hide 3 acorns under one or more of the 4 cups (depicted as logs) and then shuffle all the logs. The player on the left begins first and chooses one log to look under. Keep any acorns one might find and stuff them into your Chipmunk Mask cheek. Play continues with each successive player looking under the logs until all 3 acorns are found. A new round is then started with 3 more acorns.

Game ends when all 40 acorns are distributed. The player who collected the most acorns into their cheek is the Hide ‘n Cheek champion!

Hide ‘n Cheek Game

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Board games bring people together. It helps practice strategy and patience. 3-4 players can play at once.

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