Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Stretch and Strike Thrash Mobile Review

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Editor's Review

The Stretch and Strike Thrash Mobile comes fully assembled and ready to THRASH! The vehicle is super pleasing to look at. The bright blue, yellow, and green are in perfect harmony, counterbalanced by massive black tires and a white underside. The molded detail is also excellent; no corners were cut, and every surface has something to look at. Appropriately, this design incorporates a shark fin motif everywhere to great effect. Although there is no paint besides on the shark eyes, there are sturdy and eye-catching decals on the sides of the Thrash Mobile.

This toy comes with an exclusive stretchy Goo Jit Zu warrior: Race Suit Thrash, who can stretch up to 20 inches, and dons a deep blue racing suit and awesome toothy helmet. You also get 3 translucent blue missiles. As you’re driving around in Speed Mode, pull up on the cleverly molded handle and you’ll enter Strike mode. Press on the now-exposed engine to fire a missile out of the Thrash Mobile’s Shark Mouth. Store your extra missiles on the inside of the doors, which become shark fins in Strike Mode. This is a well engineered toy right down to the gritty (and stretchy) details!

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Thrash Mobile

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This toy has a deceptive amount of play value! It looks so mechanically simple at a glance, but the fun play features, details, and stretchy included figure elevate this product.

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