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Editor's Review

Hero Camp empowers kids to build relationships through four weeks of skill-building activities. Otter is on a mission to discover her superpowers. She journeys to Hero Camp, where she learns to set boundaries, ask for help, and show kindness – all through the power of play.

Kids can read more of Otter’s story in the Slumberkins Hero Camp book by Kelly Oriard with Callie Christensen. The book is divided into four sections, or missions: Setting Boundaries with Armadillo, Asking for Help with Platypus, Discovering Kindness with Griffin, and Power of Play with Lynx. To supplement the book, Hero Camp also comes with a deck of cards divided into four sections of extra activities – one section for each mission. Kids can draw their own armadillo, do platypus yoga, play Kindness Catch, and make finger capes.

The set also comes with an Otter stuffed animal dressed in her Camp Slumberkins superhero outfit; a matching superhero cape for the child to wear; a drawstring bag; small plush of Armadillo, Griffin, and Platypus; and a Hero Camp poster.

Hero Camp

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For parents looking for ways to keep their kids entertained over the summer, Hero Camp packs a month’s worth of activities in one box. Plus these parent-guided activities help kids learn some valuable life skills. We like the range of activities, from arts and crafts to active play, and how the book and card deck are tied together. The plush and superhero cape will inspire lots of imaginative play during playtime, and we know kids will want to snuggle up with Otter and her friends at naptime and bedtime, too.

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