Hedbanz Blast Off! and Disney SideKicks Games Review

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Editor's Review

Inside of Hedbanz Blast Off you’ll find 2 forehead card holsters, 2 straps, question cards, and object cards. Participants split up and select one person to wear the device; this will be the guesser. Select a card at random without showing the guesser, turn the Hedbanz knob as far as it will go, then insert the card. Once you let go, the game begins! The guesser can ask any question they wish, but the group can only answer with one word or sound at a time. If the guesser correctly guesses the object on their card, remove the card and score yourself a point. If not, time will run out and the card will rocket into the air. Turn the knob and try another card. The first team to three points wins the round. The first team to win three rounds takes the game! Two teams are guessing at the same time, so as you can imagine, this game gets hectic! Hedbanz, can get loud and chaotic very quickly. It’s still a lot of fun though. Answering with only one word is tougher than you think!

The next game is a much slower burn, but far more complex. Inside the Sidekicks box you’ll find everything you need to play the game, including colorful and detailed miniatures of the sidekicks and villains, character cards, tokens, castle pieces, bridges, and much more. Sidekicks is a game where you play as classic Disney support characters as you attempt to save your hero from imprisonment, rescue villagers, thwart the villains plans, and defeat at least 1 villain. Up to 4 people can play at once, so this game can get chaotic in a different way. Your characters start out in the outer ring, and must venture toward the castle in the center, trying to collect star tokens along the way by rolling dice and damaging villains. Lock tokens keep your hero trapped inside the castle, and you must pay 5 star points to unlock it. However, situations will arise where you must choose whether to spend your precious stars to avoid danger, or save them to use at the castle.

Rounds progress based on drawn danger cards, and have three sub-phases, villager appearance, danger appearing, and villain movement. During these stages, you may have to avoid damage from enemies, depending on the scenario. After this, your sidekick can move. You can do between 3 and 4 actions depending on your sidekick, actions include resting to gain health or stars, rescuing villagers, attacking henchmen or villains, and unlocking locks to save heroes. There are several fail conditions, such as villagers or henchmen filling the castle, or 3 bridges being destroyed, so your multitasking abilities will be put to the ultimate test! Cooperate with your fellow sidekicks to emerge victorious!

Hedbanz Blast Off! and Disney SideKicks Games

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Both games are fun in different ways. Hedbanz Blast Off offers fast-paced, frantic gameplay with lots of excitement, moment to moment. Conversely, Sidekicks is a game of careful strategy and planning, reacting to dangers that arise on the fly, but calmly so. Sidekicks can also get very exciting, but the action is always focused on the board, rather than a card that just blasted off of someone’s forehead!

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