Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers Starlight Idol Review

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Editor's Review

Crystal Flyers are the first Hatchimals Pixies that can fly with your help. The Starlight Idol Pixie features glittery wings, an iridescent dress, and metallic makeup. Lift her out of the egg and charge her with the USB cable that fits under the egg’s base. Before your first flight together, remove your Pixie from the egg and fully charge her until she’s ready to air dance and light up the sky. The LED lights on her skirt pulse and her wings will begin to flutter and spin- let her go and she’ll magically fly! Use your hands to guide her. She senses if your hands are high or low! As your Starlight Idol Pixie hovers above your hands, her dress shimmers, and her glittery wings sparkle as she flies. To stop her grab her legs and gently tap the wings to halt flight, you can also turn her sideways while she’s spinning and she will stop. To reactivate, turn her off and on again using the switch at the bottom.

Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers Starlight Idol

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It appears to be a fun idea. The doll is dressed very nicely and it flies!

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