Hatchimals Alive! Hatchi-Nursery Playset Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to hatch Hatchimals in a whole new way with the Hatchimals Alive! Hatchi-Nursery Playset. Remember how you used to have the rub the heart on the egg with your thumb to hatch a Hatchimal? Well, the four eggs in this playset are self-hatching. All you do is place the four eggs inside the pool at the bottom of the rainbow slide. Then fill the cloud with water, lift the cloud to dump the water down the slide, and watch the eggs start to hatch. Once you’ve hatched the Hatchimals, use the playset’s accessories to care for them. There’s a little highchair seat, a bowl of pretend food, a blanket, blocks, and a bottle. (If you fill the bottle with water, you can also squirt the eggs with the bottle to hatch them.) Plus, each Hatchimal comes with a pacifier. A mobile hangs over the beds. 

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This is a cute way to hatch some Hatchimals and then play with them. The set’s fun accessories inspire a lot of nurturing roleplay. And if you want to redo the hatching experience, just purchase more Hatchimals Alive! Hatchimals and use them with this playset. 


4 self-hatching Hatchimals
Water-activated hatching is cool to watch
Accessories to care for the Hatchimals
Nursery playset has space for play and display


Hatching is a one-time thing

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