HasLab Marvel Legends X-Men Sentinel Figure Review

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Editor's Review

The HasLab Sentinel is a specialty collector’s item that had a limited crowdfunded run on Hasbro Pulse. The box is gigantic, and is adorned with a totally awesome illustration of a battle scene. Inside is a giant styrofoam clamshell which holds the Marvel Legends Sentinel, two tentacle accessories, a Marvel Legends Bastion figure with an alternate head, plus some of the backer perks, including: a Feminine Prime Sentinel figure, Master Mold alternate head, Tri-Sentinel head, and a battle damaged head & hand.

The Sentinel is primarily molded in pearlescent magenta, indigo and dark gray plastic, but has plenty of paint throughout for details on the faceplate, wires, and other details on the alternate heads, such as the battle damage and glowing mouth canons. The sculpt is excellent, full of mechanical panel lines and wires. The Sentinel is articulated at the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abs, hips, knees, and ankles. The fingers are individually posable and have knuckle joints, allowing you to get super dynamic and immersive poses. Even with the figure’s heft, the joints hold the massive limbs in place. Most poses are possible, but remember that it’s quite heavy. If you get too ambitious with the legs, it may buckle under its own weight. If you have 2 AAA batteries, install them in the sentinel’s back and press on the chest reactor to activate the LED in the chest and eyes. You can cycle between several different colors. It will eventually turn off, but it stays on long enough to get some great photos. Swapping the heads requires a little elbow grease, but the ball peg is nice and sturdy. The tentacles are strong, and have a poseable wire inside, so you can make some great battle scenes using other Marvel Legends, sold separately. The included 6 inch Bastion and Prime sentinel have body suit sculpts, and thus have the full, splendorous Marvel Legends range of movement, completely unobstructed.

HasLab Marvel Legends X-Men Sentinel Figure

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Should I get it?

If you can manage to find one on the aftermarket for the right price, definitely get one! With any luck, Hasbro will do another production wave.


  • The sculpt is amazing.
  • The paint is clean.
  • The articulation and stability are superb.
  • You get a TON of accessories.
  • There is an installed LED feature.


  • Batteries aren’t included.
  • The funding period for this item has passed; it is no longer available from Hasbro as of this review’s posting.

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