Hasbro Twister Splash Game Review

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Editor's Review

For the uninitiated out there, Twister is a game for 2 or more players where you spin a wheel and place your right or left feet or hands on the designated circle. After a few spins, you’ll likely end up as human pretzels! Twister Splash takes it up a notch. Inside the box you’ll find a special Twister Splash mat, a hose adapter, and a waterproof spinner. Connect the hose and mat with the adapter, turn on the water, and let the mat fill up to start the fun. Each spot on the mat sprays a stream of water, and the intensity can be adjusted through the hose’s valve. Beyond that, it’s the classic Twister you know and love. Placing weight on a spot will cause the water to spray even more! Because of this, the mat will get slippery real fast, so adult supervision is recommended at all times to keep things fun and safe for everyone.

This version of the game is definitely better suited for kiddos, as the Twister Splash mat is noticeably smaller than classic Twister. If you’re over a certain height, you may have a tough time playing.

Hasbro Twister Splash Game

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Yes! With the introduction of water, Twister becomes even more difficult, but in a fun way.

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