Hasbro Crocodile Dentist Splash and Operation Splash Games Review

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Editor's Review

WowWee is taking some classic ’90’s games and giving them a splashtastic makeover. You might get chomped and soaked when playing Crocodile Dentist Splash, and you’ve got to dodge the spray to save Cavity Sam in Operation Splash.

Connect your hose to the crocodile, lift up the croc’s jaws, and turn on the water. Then, players take turns pressing down on one tooth in the crocodile’s mouth. If the crocodile doesn’t spray you or chomp you, you’re safe. But if the crocodile chomps, you’ll get sprayed, and you’re out. Open the croc’s mouth again so that the remaining players can continue. The last person to not get chomped wins. If you just want to cool off on a hot day, you can also use this as a sprinkler. Keep the crocodile’s mouth closed and turn on the water.

The Operation game board becomes an inflatable splash mat. Once inflated (air pump not included), assemble the tube and timer through Cavity Sam’s nose, and connect your hose to the timer. Put the five sponge ailments in the matching spaces on the mat. There’s a brain freeze, a broken heart, a sunburn, a mosquito bite, and a broken bone. Turn on the water and wind up the 25-second timer. Using the tongs, quickly remove as many ailments as you can, placing them inside the lifesaver ring. Don’t step on the mat! When time is up, your turn is over. The player who collects the most ailments on their turn wins.

Hasbro Crocodile Dentist Splash and Operation Splash Games

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These fun outdoor water games will bring back nostalgia for parents and keep a new generation of kids cool this summer. Crocodile Dentist Splash is surprising and suspenseful, while Operation Splash is a new challenge on speed and agility. Either of these games will be a fun way to get kids having fun outside.

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