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Editor's Review

Goo Toobz are advertised as multi-sensory fidget experiences, bringing something to the table for not only touch, but also sight and sound. Each Goo Toobz toy has a core shape, with two hand grips and a twisty connecting tube in between. Within this resilient and pliable plastic mechanism is a sloshy fluid, filled with visually and tactilely pleasing particles like confetti and beads. The front face has a bright and pleasing illustration based on a particular theme, while the back foregoes any graphical flourishes and lets the movement of the liquid take center stage.

The 6 launch Goo Toobz are split into two series, Gamers and Sips. The Sips series are themed of soda, milkshakes, and bubble tea. The liquid inside fizzes and foams nicely when agitated, and when your turn them upside down, a tactile element is revealed and added to the mix through gravity. This ups the touch and sound factors quite a bit! Gamers differentiate themselves a bit more from each other, and you can view the stats on the back of the package to see which is right for you. Nuclear is packed with particles to make the auditory experience feel as powerful as possible. Stealth includes an iridescent liquid inside which is mesmerizing for the eyes. Hydro claims to have the highest touch stat, but we personally found the visuals most interesting. Regardless, the varying strengths, coupled with the very different colors and illustrations, make each one worth collecting. They stack pretty well and don’t take up much space, so they’re great for taking on the go, even multiple at once!

Goo Toobz Nuclear

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Should I get it?

These are some of the best fidget and sensory toys that we’ve gotten our hands on! We highly encourage you to try them for yourself. The more you use them, they’ll grow on you.


  • They’re a feast for the eyes, having dynamic, low viscosity fluids inside, and colorful illustrations to boot.
  • They’re a joy for the hands with their addicting squeezability.
  • They’re even a delight for the ears thanks to the various internal particles.
  • They each bring something unique to the table on their own, which make them highly collectible.
  • They take up very little space, so they’re handy to take with you anywhere.


  • None!

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