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Editor's Review

Goo Games are water based fidget toys which suspend glitter and particles in one central pouch, which you can circulate by pressing the two “buttons” below, which are smaller sub-pouches. Using the buttons, try to get the particles wrangled into the molded plastic pockets. Goo Games are like a marriage of two other Sky Castle products, Goo Toobz and Doodle Jamz. The resemblance to Goo Toobz is apparent enough, but Goo Games also have exchangeable backgrounds, just like Doodle Jamz! Each Goo Games set comes with two backgrounds and 3 levels of difficulty, easy, medium and hard. Personally, our reviewer found the actual difficulties to be “hard”, “dag nabbit”, and “what in tarnation” respectively, but the game itself is secondary to the sensory experience the toy offers in his opinion. It’s challenging to try and capture all the little balls in the scoop, but have you also considered making a giant glittery mesmerizing swirl? The desert themed Goo Game is definitely the most visually busy, with the Fruit and Treasure themed ones offering a clearer draw as a game. Honestly, they get a bit easier once you master half presses. One thing of note, there is a rubber plug in the back of the toy for refilling with water if necessary, but the water from your tap won’t be glittery like what’s included in the package, so make sure any child knows to keep that plug closed at all times. Unless you’re actively trying to unplug it, it’ll stay right where it is.

Goo Games

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Should I get it?

The dessert themed goo game is definitely the winner, but any of the three are very fun to mess with. We recommend giving one a try!


  • They offer a very pleasing sensory experience with sight and especially touch.
  • They have exchangeable backgrounds to switch things up.
  • Each Goo Games toy offers a slightly different challenge so it’s worth collecting all three.
  • They’re also refillable if necessary. 


  • If you try to beat the games in earnest, they are very hard! But who knows, maybe it’s a skill issue on the part of our reviewer.
  • Also, parents of younger kids should supervise so they don’t drain the game out of curiosity.

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