Godzilla Original 3D Crystal Puzzle Review

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Editor's Review

Godzilla comes with all 71 pieces you need to build him right out of the box, and a handy part separator. Some of the pieces will be on plastic sprues, so it might be handy to have some nippers or small wire cutters on hand before starting. Now, you may be wondering what the difference between a 3D Puzzle and a plastic model kit is. And the answer is that a plastic model kit has instructions. That’s right, no instructions for you! Well, that’s not completely true, hop onto University Games’ website to find the catalog of BePuzzled’s instructions aaaaand…hm, nope, still no instructions, just an inventory of parts and a couple building tips.

Update 3/20/2024: Need help? Check out the instructions here!

Yes, you are largely on your own for this build, and it might take a while to make heads or tails of Godzilla, pun fully intended. Our advice is to isolate and construct very obvious pieces and sections like limbs, the tail, or the head to make your life easier. The main body will definitely be the hardest part for you. Speaking from our own experience though, once you get a few of the pieces together, something clicks, and the rest of it gets exponentially easier, until the last step where you lock all the pieces together with a central rod. The finished puzzle is beautiful, made of stunning translucent plastic which the light hits just right. You even get a few stickers to fill in the eyes and tongue, if you wish. Take note, while building, some pieces need to fit together in a very specific order, so keep the part separator on deck in case you get too hasty.

Godzilla 3d crystal puzzle

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Should I get it?

We certainly recommend it! If you’ve never built a 3d puzzle before, this Godzilla offers a small challenge that isn’t too overwhelming, and as a bonus, you’ll have a very nice looking shelf display piece afterward. If you’re buying this for a Godzilla fan who is puzzle challenged, make an afternoon group activity out of it!


  • The finished product is very pretty.
  • It holds together well once done.
  • A part separator is included for stress-free building.


  • The midsection is a mighty tough build, especially if you’re a total newcomer to 3d puzzles or model kits. The lack of instructions makes for an excellent challenge, but some might be left a little too perplexed.

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