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Editor's Review

The goats in this game are having the best day ever. That’s because the goats in Goat’s Day Out are eating everything in sight, and you get to help them. There are five goat boards to choose from, and you’ll pick the food shapes that best fit your goat’s belly. Maybe a roller skate or a video game controller. But be careful because now your tray of food shapes has to be passed to the left. Now you’ve got new shapes to choose from, and those might not go with your original strategy. Once all the food trays are empty, it’s time to score. You get three points for each food piece and bonus piece in your goat, plus you can score combo bonuses if you have the biggest group of touching red, blue, or yellow pieces. You lose one point for each uncovered square in your goat. And if your goat is completely full, you score an extra five points. Keep track of the scores with the goat score keepers on the scoring track. After three rounds, the player with the highest score wins. 

The game comes with five goat boards, 108 item pieces, five score and lap trackers, a score tracking board, five street trays, and instructions.

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This game reminds us of Tetris, and it’s really fun to try and visualize how the pieces might fit within your goat’s belly. Along with the strategy, it’s also a very silly game.


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