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Editor's Review

Glow Battle allows you to unleash your inner ninja warrior as you compete in a battle with illuminated swords. The set comes with four katanas and four dojo markers that look amazing as they glow in cool green and purple colors. The katanas have three settings: full-on, blinking, and off. Players begin dueling, and if a player is hit with an opposing katana, they must return to their dojo and emerge again with their katana in its blinking mode. If that player is hit again, they are out. The surviving color wins the match. The katanas allow for physical contact without causing harm to other players. Starlux promises that the hits are 100% painless.

Glow Battle

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This is a fun game of illuminated competition, and the katanas and markers look amazing when they glow in cool colors. When the sun goes down, kids will love playing this outdoor game.

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