GloFriends WiggleBug and Storytime with Bumblebug Review

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Editor's Review

Lets begin with Storytime with Bumblebug! This set comes with Bumblebug and a story. Bumblebug’s story is all about finding the courage to ask others for help when you need it. As you read kids can snuggle up with Bumblebugn who actually glows. Whats pretty neat is that the story has breaks for movement, fun fats, breathing exercises and reflection. The texture and size of the glow worm is great for young children. However, one thing to note is that the bug isn’t that easy to light up for tiny hands, you have to give it a very hard squeeze- so some assistance will be required.

Then we’ve got the silliest of GloFriends, Wigglebug! Wigglebug is about 13-inches tall, orange, has a ribbed tummy and tactile antenna which is great for a sensory experience. There are also 4 play modes available for kids to go through; “Free Play” ( where Wigglebug responds to how kids play with it), “Wiggle Hop Stop” game (  which is a freeze-dance-style game to get out kids energy and learn to follow basic instructions), “Let’s Imagine” (walk through visual prompts with Wigglebug), and lastly, “Sleep Mode” (here you’ll pick one of several soothing bedtime sounds). 

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Should I get it?

Both are great for kids ages 2 and up!


  • Both feature moments of Social Emotional Learning
  • Made to put kids in a calm space and
  • They’re small enough to carry around


Both are sold separately.

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