Gel Blaster Starfire Glow in the Dark Gellet Blaster Review

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Editor's Review

The first step to using the Gel Blaster Starfire requires prep work. The included Gellets need to be hydrated for two hours before you can use them. Be sure to use an adequately sized container, since the Gellets will grow to ten times their original size. If after two hours of soaking, the Gellets are still submerged, you’ll know you used enough water. While you’re at it, plug in your blaster using the included USB changing cable, to make sure you don’t run out of juice in the middle of a Gellet fight.

You may notice something special about these Gellets. That’s right, they glow in the dark! No more letting nightfall stop you from epic Gel Blaster battles! The Gellets effect in darkness is something to behold. Once the Gellets are fully hydrated, drain the excess water and load them into the hopper. Next screw on the hopper feed neck, and then slide the feed neck onto the gel blaster surge. The click will let you know it’s on there securely. Don your safety glasses, and turn it on and get to blasting! The switch near the proverbial hammer controls whether you fire in single shots, or full automatic.

The installed barrel fires at 175 fps, which, trust us, is plenty strong. If you want a more chill blasting experience, use the barrel removal tool and install the Reduced Velocity barrel. This 100fps option offers a lighter blasting experience for those who want it. Also, the fin and tip are compatible with prior models, allowing you to swap and customize. The glowing Gellets are also just as biodegradable as in models prior!

Gel Blaster Starfire Glow in the Dark Gellet Blaster

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This is definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of the original Gel Blaster. Bring your gel blasting antics to post-sundown hours with the Starfire!


  • The glow-in-the-dark Gellets bring a whole new dimension to Gel Blaster play.
  • The design of the Gel Blaster is awesome!
  • The interchangeable tip and fin feature is still intact.
  • The Gellets as always, are biodegradable.


  • Hydrating Gellets requires 2 hours of prep time.

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