Gazillion Premium Bubbles Rollin’ Wave and Tornado Review

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Editor's Review

These two bubble machines have different designs but are both equally fun and both serve the same purpose: to make millions of bubbles at once. The Rollin’ Wave has a ferris wheel look which goes round and round as it creates bubbles. Pour the Gazillion Bubbles solution from the included four ounce bottle into the bottom tray and press the “on” button to watch the bubble fun begin.

The Tornado is shaped like a cylinder which whirls round and round on the inside of the tornado gadget. To get the bubbles going, attach the auto-feed valve cap to the solution bottle, insert the bottle into the spout, push the button, and watch the Tornado of bubbles fly out. These machines make it easy to unleash an endless flow of bubbles with the press of a button.

Gazillion Premium Bubbles Rollin’ Wave and Tornado

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So many bubbles come out at once with both of these. It’s a fun outdoor activity, which can also allow kids to get active. It’s also small enough to travel around with.

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