Gabby’s Dollhouse Carlita & Pandy Paws Picnic and Kitty Fairy’s Garden Treehouse Review

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Editor's Review

There’s more to discover in Gabby’s Dollhouse with new playsets from Spin Master! Drive around with Carlita and Pandy Paws to have a picnic, or hang out with Kitty Fairy in her treehouse.

Carlita & Pandy Paws Picnic comes with a Pandy Paws figure and Carlita the car. When you push Carlita along on her real-rolling wheels, her striped tail moves back and forth. Carlita also has opening and closing eyes, plus seat belts, and a spinning steering wheel. Load up the car with a cat-themed cooler, and lay out the cardboard picnic blanket when you reach your picnic spot. The blanket has images of cat-shaped sandwiches, fruit, and juice boxes on it. There’s also a surprise accessory inside the Dollhouse Delivery box.

Kitty Fairy’s Garden Treehouse is inspired by the Cotton Candy Tree on the show. It comes with figures of Kitty Fairy and a purple-haired Gabby. The characters can have a tea party or raise the canopy and go for a swing. Spin the thumbwheel to light up the table and reveal a secret room. There’s another secret to discover in the Dollhouse Delivery container. Attach the zip line to Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse, sold separately, so the figures can travel from the dollhouse to the garden.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Carlita & Pandy Paws Picnic and Kitty Fairy’s Garden Treehouse

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These playsets help bring the world of Gabby’s Dollhouse to life. Kids will like collecting their favorite characters and playing out what they see on the show or imagining all-new adventures. While they do make a great addition to other Gabby’s Dollhouse playsets, each one inspires a lot of creative play on its own.

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