FurReal Lil’ Wilds Lolly the Leopard Review

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Editor's Review

This collection of exotically plush toys are a kid’s dream come true – making a wild pet become a house pet! Making dreams come true! The real fun with Lil’ Wilds pets comes in the endlessly repeatable feed-poop-play sequence that kids enjoy. First, they feed their pet 5 treat accessories which go right down the “chute”, then they retrieve them for repeated feeding fun. They’ll also be able to pet their wild pet for more than 40 surprising sounds and reactions!

FurReal Friends Lil' Wilds Lolly the Leopard Plush

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Should I get it?

This is great for kids ages 4 and up!


  • This kitty is poseable
  • It’s engaging for repeated play
  • Kids can cuddle with it
  • The sounds are a fun touch for some realism


  • Batteries are included

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