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Editor's Review

The Furpinator reminds me of the Bop It, but this only has two actions to follow with belching and farting mixed in. Yay! It really is fun, and let me show you how! There are three modes.

The first mode, Speed Mode called, “Life of the Party”. This mode farts or burps and you have to repeat the steps immediately. One sound, squeeze the trigger or press the plunger. The burps and farts come fast and furious the more you succeed. Respond correctly 100 times in a row to win.

The next mode, Memory Mode, called, “Digestive Distress”. Press the on button twice to activate this mode. Here you have to listen to the sequence of burps and farts, then repeat the sounds when the whistle blows. Squeeze the trigger to make it burp and press the plunger to make it fart. If you do the wrong action or go too slow, then game over! The way to win is you must complete 50 sequences!

Then, lastly, we have the Free Play mode. Press the on button 3 times to activate this level. Here you make your own hilarious soundtrack by burping and farting along with the music.


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It’s about memory skills. It has a humorous aspect to it and it’s super easy to carry around for on-the-go fun!

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