Furby Furblets 2-Pack Review

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Editor's Review

Furby fun is always better with a friend. That’s why Furby Furblets now come in two-packs! There are a variety of different characters to collect together, including May-May and Greenie-Meanie. Each mini Furby plays more than 45 sounds and songs. 

These work just like the individual Furby Furblets. Press their heads to make their ears pop up and reveal their cute faces. Let’s take a closer look at the two in our video review. May-May is a pink Furblet with pastel rainbow-colored hair, and she’s got bows in her eyes. Greenie-Meanie is a black-and-white-striped Furblet with green hair and skulls in his eyes. On the packaging, he has a mean-looking face, but it’s not as harsh in real life. And both of them have Furby-shaped clips so you can take them on the go. 

To play with them, you simply press the heart button, mouth, or top of the head. If you press and hold all three at the same time, you’ll put your Furblet to sleep. You can also fold back down the ears and do the fun reveal over and over again.

What’s cool about getting two Furblets together in one box is that they can harmonize together. All you have to do is press and hold their mouths for three seconds, and they’ll start singing.

These can also interact with the 2023 Furby one at a time. After pressing and holding the heart on your Furby to enter Furdar mode, you press and hold the heart on the Furblet to begin the interaction.

Each Furblet comes with three button cell batteries.

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Should I get it?

These smaller Furbies are super cute and fun to collect, and the two-packs just give fans even more Furbish fun in one package. Furblets have the same fun sounds and Furbish phrases, plus they are easy to take on the go. We also like how they interact with the Furby, which really extends the play with both toys.


Two Furblets
They interact with each other
They interact with the 2023 Furby
Easy to activate 45+ sounds and songs
Fun to collect and play with



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