Fun Kids Mini Backpack Review

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Editor's Review

School is in session when you open the Fun Kids Mini Backpack Happy Kindergarten for Children. Play out a day at school with the doll and the playset’s 49 accessories. 

This is shaped like a backpack, and there are straps so that kids can wear it like a backpack and take the play on the go. (Those straps need to be attached, which is kind of tricky.)

Open it up to reveal a Kindergarten classroom complete with bathroom area, classroom with chalkboard, and music room. The playset actually gets even bigger as kids add in the accessories, such as toilets, cubbies, a grassy puzzle for the “outside area”, a photo prop station, tables, chairs, musical instruments, and more. Flip the music room’s switch to “on” to hear music play. (We wish there was volume control for this.) 

When playtime is over, fold up the playset to its backpack form. Before you do, you’ll need to remove the “arts activities” sign. You won’t be able to store all of the accessories inside, unfortunately.

A couple other things to note: There are lots of stickers to stick on, and doing so was very tedious. Three AA batteries are required but not included.

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Should I get it?

This playset will definitely engage kids in a lot of imaginative play. We like the variety of accessories included with this set and that the set includes a doll. It’s a little tricky to unfold and refold the backpack, so kids might need help with that, and we wish that the backpack acted as storage for the accessories. But if those things (and the loud music) don’t bother you, then this will be a fun toy.


Variety of accessories
One doll
Plays music
Folds up for compact storage
Wear it like a backpack


Difficulty assembling the playset
Music is super loud with no volume control
Backpack doesn’t store the accessories

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